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The future of the efficient workflow is digital! The idea of Kanbanize was born out of a necessity for higher productivity and efficiency in software development teams. Inaccurate and insufficient status reporting had to be replaced with a visual way to monitor and track work progress without any additional stress for the executors. There had to be a way to manage and optimize workflows, to stop counterproductive behavior and help people achieve more with less.
We really believe that teams everywhere can continuously improve everything they do. That’s why we made Kanbanize! Kanbanize is a Kanban software that boosts your productivity by applying Lean principles to your work.

Design your digital workflow, collaborate with others online and track important metrics out of the box. Measure what really matters and automate data collection from your team’s workflow so you can analyze the stats and use them to make decisions and forecasts about your initiatives.
Kanbanize adds a portfolio layer, allowing you to plan on a strategic level and scale Kanban beyond individual teams. The Portfolio Kanban concept can be employed so that we deliver a flexible, lean, Kanban roadmap, that will actually help your process instead of relying on unrealistic predictions. We are continuously expanding the potential of Kanbanize, making it the true mature Kanban system for Lean management.
What makes our software unique is the extraordinary love of detail with which we have crafted it, our consistent desire to refine and evolve our solution, as well as the solid experience in Lean product development. We firmly believe that continuous improvement requires continuous learning and this is why we provide our clients with extensive coaching for a smooth onboarding process. Lean Kanban transformation has never been easier!