Troy Tuttle

Troy Tuttle

Troy Tuttle is a Lean-Agile coach, software developer mentor, and consultant with almost a decade of experience working in Lean-Agile environments. He currently operates KanFlow, a consulting firm dedicated to helping software professionals, teams, and organizations improve by the study and application of Lean and Agile principles and practices. Most of his work is directed by approaches that support better clarity, understanding, and continuous learning about Lean, Agile, and the nature of knowledge work itself.

Troy has been heavily involved in the community as a facilitator and speaker. He founded the Limited WIP Society of Kansas City in 2009—a user group for Lean, Kanban, and Agile practitioners to help others in the community with the theory and practice of Lean software. He also regularly speaks at local, and regional events and conferences. Recently his interests have focused on systems thinking and complexity theory as alternative means to achieve a better understanding of Lean and Agile software development.

Learning to Learn: Does Your Agile Process Encourage Learning? – Troy Tuttle

“It’s all about execution” proclaims one popular Agile framework. But is it really just about execution? Software development organizations are knowledge work organizations, and they require different thinking about their primary constraints. In this session, we will explore better learning as a method to improve software development outcomes.  Implementing feedback loops enhance the speed and […]