Trent Hone

Trent Hone

Trent Hone is a Managing Consultant with Excella Consulting and an award-winning naval historian. He works with software and IT organizations to improve their art of practice, increase effectiveness, and accelerate learning. He has helped dozens of government and commercial teams around the world in Asia, Oceania, Europe, and North America.

Trent writes and speaks about organizational learning, doctrine, and strategy and how the three interrelate. He has been awarded the U.S. Naval War College’s Edward S. Miller Prize and the Naval History and Heritage Command’s Ernest M. Eller Prize, and he was a finalist for Lean Kanban’s Brickell Key Award. He has presented at the Annual Agile Conference, Lean Kanban North America, Lean Agile Scotland, and the Society of Military History’s Annual Meeting.

Complexity in Action: Organizational Learning in the U.S. Navy – Trent Hone

Complexity presents us with a riddle. We cannot cause innovation but only create the conditions that enable innovation to emerge. (Juarrero, 2015) How can we do this? How do we innovate through catalysts and avoid trying to force it? Historical examples provide valuable insights. Learn how the U.S. Navy fostered a climate of organizational learning […]