Jasper Sonnevelt

Jasper Sonnevelt

Jasper Sonnevelt is an Executive Agile Consultant and trainer. Jaspers’ main focus is on bringing effectiveness and responsiveness within the organisation using Lean and Agile principles. He has been a pioneer and advocate of using Kanban Systems and visual management for implementing a culture of continuous improvement and learning in organisations.

Jasper is also a Lean Kanban University Kanban trainer and coach and active member of the Agile community. Most recently Jasper has been active coaching organisations that apply Lean and Agile practices outside of IT in Engineering, Law, HR and Automotive. One of which is a racing team from TU Delft.

Portfolio Planning and Prioritization at Scale – Jasper Sonnevalt

Prioritization and planning across over 25 autonomous teams is hard. Especially when all work on their own contribution to department and organization goals. It gets harder when there are more than a dozen departments like this and some of them have dependencies with your own department. For over a year we have been collecting practices […]