Portfolio Kanban and Forecasting in Kanbanize

Presented by Dimitar Karaivanov & Daniel Vacanti



We see that teams are becoming more and more lean and agile. We often think that if each of our teams is agile, then the whole organization is agile. This causes the confusion when our long-term goals take more time to achieve and our strategy is not implemented clearly in every department’s work. How to make the whole organization as effective as its individual teams?

This workshop’s goal is to provide a solution to the problem through concrete and tangible measures. It is a practical introduction to the portfolio Kanban in Kanbanize™, which in combination with data analysis and forecasting is able to give organizations the push to become what they envisioned to be.

The seminar will take place in two parts. During the first part participants will gain a detailed understanding of Kanban on a portfolio level, the benefits, use cases, and practical examples how to design their work breakdown structure in order to best map their process. In the second part we will explore in depth the importance of analytics, the power of forecasting with ActionableAgile™, and why do we need them in Kanban. The combination of these two techniques will increase the overall potential of the organization and moreover, it will improve your understanding of the way it functions. By making teams predictable, we enable them to link their daily tasks to greater strategic initiatives.

Join us in this journey.

I Part:

  • The Kanban principles and practices
    • Visualization of Work
    • Limiting Work In Process
    • Managing the Flow of Work
    • Making policies (and SLAs) explicit
    • Establish Feedback Loops
    • Continuous improvement culture
  • Designing a real Kanban Board (a few steps beyond visualization)
  • Scaling Kanban across more teams/departments
    • What is Portfolio Kanban
    • Portfolio Kanban on the Team Level
    • Portfolio Kanban on the Company Level
    • Portfolio Kanban – Kanbanize Case Study
    • Benefits of Portfolio Kanban
      • Transparency across the entire organization
      • Identifying organizational bottlenecks
      • Optimized end-to-end flow and faster time to market

II Part: 

  • Kanban Metrics
  • Advanced Forecasting Techniques