Around the world of Agile metrics

Presented by Larry Maccherone

You have wagered the success of your team on the Agile or Lean methodology, so how will you improve your chances? In business, as in globetrotting adventures, you need to balance your need for a plan and your need to adapt. You have mapped out an understanding of the business environment and an itinerary for success. You’ll need some instruments to give you feedback about your progress, so you can make decisions. You need to adapt to changing priorities or business conditions in a way that takes uncertainty into account, rather than ignoring it.

In this seminar, we will cover the entire lifecycle of a Lean/Agile metrics process, from metric selection through to making decisions with data. You will leave with a deep understanding of a wide range of Lean/Agile metrics concepts including: common metrics, probabilistic forecasting, using metrics to persuade decision makers, and basic data science for use in your own organizations.

You will learn:

• Ideal iteration length and team size for your economic context
• Conditions which favor Scrum vs. Kanban
• Impact of lowering Work in Progress (WiP)
• Impact of geographic distribution
• Which metrics are useful and which ones are misleading
• How to read a burn chart
• How to understand a cumulative flow diagram and extract Work in Process (WiP), Time in Process (TiP), and Throughput metrics from it
• Which performance metrics are valuable and easy to gather
• How to avoid gaming by members of your team
• How to calculate a probabilistic forecast and use it to bring management and the team closer together rather than drive them further apart
• How to counteract common biases using visualization
• How to use metrics to persuade co-workers, stakeholders, and executives
Our target audience includes executives or managers wanting a better understanding of Agile metrics and analysis; people responsible for Lean/Agile project planning and reporting; or simply people interested in expanding their knowledge on metrics and analytics in Scrum, Lean, Kanban or ScrumBan processes.
Larry Maccherone, your guide for this tour, has traveled the world with stops at Virginia Tech and Carnegie Mellon University. He has guided many before you such as IBM, Adobe, Oracle, USAA, Comcast, and Intuit.